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ERP and CRM Systems

ERP & CRM Systems

iBureau provides many businesses (medium and large) with a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Modules), Customer Relationship Management (CRM Models) and related services.

Together with our business partners we have managed to build scalable, flexible and “low maintenance” ERP platforms with the aim to mitigate the risk of technical debt as well as IT vendor lock-in as our value offering will outperform any of our competitors in terms of price, flexibility, quality of our service and value for money, to name a few. Being a dynamic company we focus on solutions that is secure, yet scalable but with the aim to also reduce your license fees paid over the long run.

iBureau's CRM Models allows you to manage leads, log calls, send out scheduled SMSes / emails and even auto update statuses / processes. Our systems can integrate with a variety of applications, like Barcode processors and Helpdesk software.

We are well known in the industries we develop software for and are often referred to as “industry innovators/disruptors who democratized the way companies do business”.

Our team is highly specialised and our operational staff includes Accountants, Business and System Analysts, Project Managers, Development Staff and Consultants. Whether it’s enhancing your current ERP or CRM System or deploying a whole new system, our ERP platforms will deliver the results!


Our Services include:

  • Business Analysis and Design

  • Custom built ERP and CRM Sytems

  • General software enhancements

  • Interface Development

  • Pre-developed Modules already developed (off the shelf) such as:

- Inventory Module

- HR Module

- Sales Module

- Purchase Module

- Finance and Accounting Module

- CRM Module

- Engineering/Production Module

- SCM Module

- Access to a very scalable and flexible platform with the power to empower you to go to market much quicker than any competitor offering

- Integration with Credit Bureau’s

- Template Generation Model

- Financial Calculation Engines

- Telephony Module

- Full Legal Module

  • Training (onsite/remote)

  • End-to-end Project Management

  • 24/7 manned Helpdesk

Business Process Management Engine

BPMN 2.0 Process Engine​

With BPMN, you can express reliable service orchestration, human task flows, event handling and much more in diagrams that are technically executable yet easy to understand for everyone. This is a must for businesses that have a lot of processes that are always improving and evolving.


Flowable BPMN Tool​

The Business Process Management Engine integrated with our platform allows for the automation of any operation relating to your business. By setting up a basic BPMN Flow Diagram and uploading it to the system, your business process will be executed and automated by the system. The system will take the rules and tasks which you have specified into consideration and adopt the new process flow.

User Tasks
Automated User Tasks will be created and assigned to individual users, depending on the current stage of the process, these tasks will auto-complete as well as populate new tasks. Tasks can also be manually claimed by e.g. users with a certain access role (this too can be added in the rule set).

Automated Communication
All system modules are directly influenced by the Business Process Management flow, including the Communication Module. This means that automated communication will be sent out when the process reaches the designated stage listed in the flow diagram.

View the rest of the Pre-Built Modules that can be activated on any software system.

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