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Who is the system for?
UMA (Underwriting Management Agencies)

UMAs primarily underwrite specialised Insurance, on behalf of the Insurer, aimed at a specific policyholder.

What does it do?

PlanPro was created out of a need to increase productivity for day-to-day Insurance Policy Management. The system seamlessly brings together all phases of the Insurance Management Lifecycle - into a single, integrated platform.

It gives users the ability to administer personal Insurance Policies.

PlanPro Pre-built Modules:


Lead Imports

  • The ability to import Leads and call Clients from the system.


Real-time Reporting

  • Custom reports can be set up by the users themselves.


Payment Collections

  • Handle Debit Order Payment method: create instruction files, import failure transactions and successful transactions.

  • Direct Deposits

  • Salary Deductions

  • Payment Deduction from a 3rd party.


User Security

  • Administrators can assign specific access roles to users.

  • Users can securely log in and out of the system with their own credentials.


Call Clients

  • The ability to call Clients and save Client Call Records.


Insurance Types

  • PlanPro specializes in Funeral Policies, Credit Life and Income Protection.


Commission Calculations

  • Different agents can sell different types of plans, without having knowledge of the other plans/products.

  • At month-end, Commission Distribution is calculated, per Distribution Channel (DC), per agent.


Product Knowledge

  • The knowledge of system users can be monitored and controlled by Questionnaires.

  • Questionnaires can be set up to be compulsory or not. A pass rate can also be specified.


Capturing Process

  • Quick and dynamic Capturing Process to capture client details on full application forms.



  • Basic information can be captured for claims.


Month-end Calculations

  • Calculations can be done by the click of a button and reports are generated for UMA Fees, Underwriter Fees, Service Provider Fees etc.


SMS Templates

  • Administrators can setup SMS templates for example, Debit Order Notification SMS.

  • The templates can contain placeholders that the system can then populate before sending out the communication.

For any questions on PlanPro, give us a call: 087 654 5929

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