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About iBureau

iBureau Innovative Financial Technology successfully meets the National Credit Regulator (NCR) requirements, as defined by section 43 and is an accredited Credit Bureau.

What is a Credit Bureau?

A Credit Bureau hosts a record of your credit activities. It lists any accounts or loans you may have, the balances, how regularly you meet payments and any judgements or previous enquiries. It also shows unpaid accounts and if any action has been taken against you. A Credit Report gives you detailed access to your credit profile based on information provided by your credit providers.

About Bureau

iBureau is well equipped to offer a comprehensive range of products and services which meet the needs of various entities that operate in the Credit and Financial Industries.

Combining the power of the sophisticated iDocs Interface with an extensive credit history database; iBureau provides information solutions to Debt Counsellors, Attorneys and Consumers all over South Africa.

Furthermore, a group of business analysts, developers and QA testers uses the latest technology to assess consumers’ creditworthiness, reduce risks and increase profits. Consumers can even access their credit report on their mobile phone. iBureau can develop highly customised and tailored solutions to suit specific requirements in rapidly changing business environments.

iBureau’s Credit Product Suite offering includes:


Identification Verification

  • Verifying if a consumer has a valid South African ID and/or passport, by matching the name and surname with the ID number provided.


Marital Verification

  • Verifying a consumer’s marital status/personal profile.

Bank Account Verification

  • Banking details provided by the consumer is compared with details from the bank. The following information is verified: consumer/business name on account, bank name, account number, account type, identity number match.


Credit Check Consumer

  • A record of a consumer’s credit activities.


Credit Check Company

  • A record of a company’s credit activities.

Credit Check Previous Enquiry

  • Report on previous enquiries (credit checks) done by lenders/credit providers.

Reckless Lending Service

  • An assessment to see if reckless lending has occurred.

iBureau maintains the highest standards of integrity relating to data privacy, confidentiality and security of information and fully comply with all relevant legislation set out in the National Credit Act.

For any Software Solutions, give us a call: 087 654 5929

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