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About iBureau

We rapidly develop secure, user-friendly and reliable web-based Software Systems.

From the beginning in 2012, we've applied best software development practices and security standards. Today our systems are rock-solid. We can rapidly develop new systems because of our Pre-built Modules (that are fully customizable). Existing systems can always accommodate more modules/improvements. We are able to do this because we stick to proper design patterns and always think about the future.

We employ only the best skilled and experienced personnel. Our leadership team consist of experienced individuals with a wealth of experience within the Information Technology Fraternity and have successfully assisted and managed many companies on both board level as well as small to medium enterprises.


Our footprint of existing systems stretches over several industries, which include:

We also have a good foundation to create any custom software system to solve your unique business problem.

We develop cutting edge software tools which provide you with comprehensive features such as:

  • Real-time Business Information

  • System Integrations

  • OCR Recognition

  • Digital Signatures

  • Proper Audit Trail

View the Pre-Built Modules that can be activated on any software system.


Our Support team is dedicated to the full time monitoring of all our system’s average web response time, server CPU usage, current active connections and other relevant metrics which ensures that the end user experiences the best possible performing system. This gives us the ability to spot irregularities early enough to prevent them from influencing the end user. We have added easy to access Help buttons which communicates directly with our Jira Service Desk, creating tickets which makes tracking the issue as well communication between the user and Support team as easy as possible.

We have implemented Service Level Agreements which act as guidelines in our response times to support requests (dependent on the priority type of the ticket). The in-place SLA’s result in maximum productivity from our Support team as well as satisfied users.

Our team is also able to create easy to understand video tutorials for complicated processes which can be communicated to the relevant users. In case of any questions or concerns, out Support team will always be a quick email or phone call away.

For any Software Solutions, give us a call: 087 654 5929

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