Who is the system for?
Administrators, Facilitators, Campus Managers

What does it do?

This ERP system and related modules manages the end-to-end educational process within the Further Tertiary Education framework in South Africa and have access to all the accredited unit standards as listed with the South African Qualifications Authority government body. The system provides the ability to upload documents and keep records across multiple campuses of student information, attendance and academic results.

iCollege Pre-built Modules:

Student Sign Up

  • The ability to capture a student's Information and documentation, needed for student sign up.

Student Payments

  • The ability to handle payments received from a student.

  • A balance is kept on the student.

Campus Management

  • The ability to handle different campuses separately.

Portfolio of Evidence

  • Compile a portfolio of evidence, at the end of the year to proof the student has passed the course by combining assignment results and attendance - as required by SETA.

Vetting Process

  • Examination and approving of student documentation.


  • Regular communication like SMS or email can be send out to a student and a record is kept of all the communication.

Time Table Entries

  • Time tables for all courses is set up electronically.

  • Classrooms and seat allocations can be managed, as well as facilitators can be linked to courses.


  • The ability to manage recruiters that recruits the students.


  • Any documentation scanned in, can automatically be linked to a specific student.


  • Attendance is monitored electronically.


  • Assignments can be assessed electronically and assessment outcomes can also be set up.

Generating Reports

  • Custom reports can be set up by the users themselves.

  • Users can add additional fields or remove fields they do not require.

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